Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 16

Image source: 緑川明

Image source: 緑川明

Ah, by the time anyone of you is reading this I would probably be fast asleep (this is a scheduled post set to be published at 3am SST by the way), since I have completed this post soon after I posted an entry about Mikatan’s preview images of the upcoming Kagamine Rin and Len PVC figures.

As usual there will be more Vocaloid music to be introduced so do continue reading after the break~

Miracle Paint (with English lyrics) – Hatsune Miku

This Miku song has a jazzy feel to it which I really like and the animation’s nice and cute. Created by OSTER Project, this is also one of the song that will be featured in the PSP Game “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-” which will be released on July 2nd.

And here’s a Premium Edition released by the same creator not long ago.

White Dove (with English and Romaji subs) – Hatsune Miku

A cute and upbeat song by Miku, note that the reference to Noak’s Ark and the “3,000 li” are measures of distance used toi describe somewhere far away in literature, with one li equals to 500 meters (or half a kilometer) nowadays.

枕木 (Sleeper, with English lyrics) – Kagamine Rin

Just in case if anyone is wondering what “sleeper” is, it’s a piece of wood or stone used to support a superstructure, keeps rails in railroads in place or to receive floor. (Thanks to soundares for the defintion about it). This is a nice Rin song with the story talking about not thinking so much about ourselves and the past and trying to focus on the positive things and the future in life.

Also, if you were to notice then you would know that this PV’s art is done by Gilder, the same person who did one of the PVs for the songs “Kokoro” and “Kokoro*Kiseki“.

siGrE (with English subs) – Kagamine Rin and Len

One of the sad RinLen songs around, this song talks about a woman (Rin) looking after her loved one (Len) who has lost his memories after being shot in a war. Rin was very sad to find that Len doesn’t recognise who she is, but still takes care of him devotedly. Not long after, Rin passes away.

Len’s doesn’t understand why he’s crying until he discovers a picture kept by Rin with both of them in it (in which Len’s picture was missing Rin’s face as it was hit by the bullet as well), he starts to recover his memories and cries even more as he realizes that Rin is no longer around anymore.

One More Kiss – Megurine Luka

The English part may sound a bit strange to some, but overall it’s still a nice song in my opinion.

And that pretty much wraps up this week’s Weekly Vocaloid Music post, look out for more Vocaloid music introductions during the next weekend. :)


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