Review – Prism Album (Rin/Len Kagamine Feat. Asami Shimoda)

Prism – Front View

Prism – Front View

Well, I actually received the album from Amazon Japan last Thursday, which I thought it would only arrive by the weekend from their initial estimates. And since I had the time to listen to the songs in Prism over the weekend I thought I might as well do a small review about the album to serve as a rough guide for those of you who may be wondering to get the album now that it has been made available.

So for those of you who may want to know more about the review for the songs in Prism just read on! =)

Note 1: For those wondering why I am late in posting this that’s because I am waiting to post this together with the song videos for Prism from YouTube.

Note 2: This post was delayed also because Photobucket doesn’t allow me to upload 35 MB of images for this entry, that’s why I can only post it now when I have better internet connection. orz

Kokoro – Toraboruta

Asapon certainly didn’t disappoint for this Rin song created by Toraboruta, made famous by the different PVs and Len’s related version as well. Her voice for this song is good and thus makes it a enjoyment to listen to, easily one of my favorite songs in the album.

Daybreak – samfree

A nice version sung by Asami Shimoda, like it better than the original one by Len.

Rival – Dios/SignalP

Now this is one song with Asapon goodness in it, it’s great and I like it as much as the original version.

Let’s Hang On – Toraboruta

*Video no longer found/deleted, apologies on that*

A motivational song originally sung by Len, Asami Shimoda has used her female voice to sing this song (and mostly other songs in the album with Len’s part) and added in her feelings while still retaining the original beauty of the song.

Otenba Hime no Uta – Toraboruta

Rin’s original version is light and full of tomboyishness, though some of that was lost in Asapon’s version but it’s still very good. I especially like the part when she ends the song.

Rin Rin Signal – Dios/SignalP

First of all, Asapon’s Len voice (yes, finally) in this song is just…so cute! =3 And coupled with her cheerful voice for Rin’s part this makes it one of the songs in the album that has got me listening to more of it after a first listen to all the songs.

Itazura Musume – samsonP

Asapon’s version of this song is good. And together with the video for the song I like it even more, Rin’s so mischevious in the video. :D

soundless voice – HitoShizukuP

As I was listening to the song, images of Len wanting to scarifice his voice just to able to hear Rin’s voice one more time in the original video kept resurfacing in my mind. Asapon has got the feelings right for this song, and it’s so sad, but well done indeed. ;_;

Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta – mothy (AkunoP)

Well, for those who were disappointed that none of the songs from Aku no series made it, there’s this song from the same creator. It’s better done than the original I would say.

South North Story – mothy (AkunoP)

This song was featured in one of the earlier albums featuring Rin and Len titled “cheeRuL ~ We Love Rin&Len!” in which there are two Rins singing the song while Len sings the ending part. Asami Shimoda’s version is a refreshing one, like it just as much as the original version.

Meltdown (Roshin Yukai) – iroha (sasaki)

This version of the song by Asapon has a almost positive tune to it, which some listeners who are used to the dark story behind Meltdown may need some adjusting to. But nevertheless, this song is definitely worth listening to and has been on replay mode on my music player since the day the CD arrived.

Gemini – DixieFlatline

*Video no longer found/deleted, apologies on that*

After listening to Asapon singing this song, I feel I prefer the original version by Rin and Len where their voices are more distinctive. The song is not bad, but I like the original version more.

Prism – Dios/SignalP

An original song created by SignalP for this album, I didn’t notice I have been listening to this song close to 6 times when I first listened to it, which goes to show I have enjoyed this song pretty much along with the rest of the songs in the album. ^_^

And here’s how the album looks like should you brought it.

Prism – Back View

Prism – Back View

Prism – Inside View 1

Prism – Inside View 1

Prism – Inside View 2

Prism – Inside View 2

Okay, overall the album is not without its hits and misses. Asapon has done well showing off her vocal capabilities with the different tones and vocal range she uses according to the different songs in the album. Though one thing to note is that I do wish I could hear more of Len’s voice since the album is a cover of Rin and Len‘s songs after all. But I think the positives outweigh the negatives as we get to hear more of the songs goodness from Asapon. A solid album indeed, so it will be a 8.5/10 from me. :D

Strongly recommended if you are a Kagamine or Asapon fan but haven’t got the album, you can go over to Amazon Japan to purchase the album if you want (ships internationally, since that’s where I pre-ordered the album from). :)


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