Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 15

Image source: 座敷ウサギ

Image source: 座敷ウサギ

Welcome to Week 15 of the Weekly Vocaloid music segment, this week’s music will focus more on Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin and Len and for the Kagamine twins part, it will be somewhat related to the summer season so if you are interested to know more just read on~

Anger PV Edit (with English lyrics) – Hatsune Miku

Now, this is one cool 3DPV video featuring one of Tripshots’s earlier works on Hatsune Miku back in 2008. His/her 3D rendition of Miku is really good and it only gets better with a new 3DPV (shown below) that was uploaded earlier this year while made Tripshots even more popular.

Nebula (with English subs) – Hatsune Miku

And if you think anger PV Edit was good already, wait till you have seen Nebula. This is totally awesome and definitely one of the best 3D Miku videos around, so much so that this video was featured in a documentary describing Hatsune Miku as the world’s virtual diva. It seems one can’t get enough of Miku. =D

Summer Graffiti – Kagamine Len

And onto the Kagamines part, this song by Len is pretty bright and cheerful just like the feeling one can associate with the summer season. It also helps that the Rin and Len images used in the video are cute as well. =3

Ice Cream Soda – Kagamine Rin

This song by Rin talks about the days Rin and Len spent together doing different activities in the summer and it’s just as cheerful as Summer Graffiti. Rin’s squeaky voice in the video is just so cute and the animations are nice as well. =D

Rin Len LaRiRin (with English subs) – Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len

A pretty hyper song featuring Miku, Rin and Len, the song basically talks about Rin and Len being newcomers to the Vocaloid Family as Miku acts as their mentor and helps to guide them along, seeing as their opinions are just about the same.

Well, that’s all for this week’s Vocaloid music post. Expect more Vocaloid music introductions next weekend and also, I will be doing a review post for the Prism album featuring Asami Shimoda tomorrow (next week*) now that I have time to listen to it after the CD arrived on Thursday, so do stay updated then! =)

*Note: Decided to wait for the song videos for Prism to be uploaded to YouTube before posting it together with the review.


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