Updates For Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- As Of June 10th 09~

Image source: ぷちでびる

Image source: ぷちでびる

Well, here’s another update from Sega regarding Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-. Three more songs from OSTER Project and kz have been made known which brings the number of songs known to be in the game to 35 out of a total of 39 songs. Also, two more costumes for the game have been revealed as well together with new promotional videos and you can view them right after the break. =)

First of all, the three songs are:

  • フキゲンワルツ (Fukigenwarutsu) – OSTER Project
  • Far Away – kz
  • Star Story – kz

Sega has kindly uploaded the Promotional Videos for the song “フキゲンワルツ” in -Project DIVA- and a Director’s Cut version for “Electric Angel”, which you can view the videos below.

And last but not least, Sega has also revealed two new costumes for Miku as shown below, one of them is “Space Channel 39” and the other is “P-Style RP”.

Space Channel 39

Space Channel 39

P-Style RP

P-Style RP

And with the update this brings the total number of known costumes to 35 out of 39. Though I do wonder what will be the last 4 costumes and songs for the game now that the list is almost complete.

Anyway that’s all the updates for now regarding -Project DIVA- and I will continue to bring you more Vocaloid news and information so do stay updated then. ^_^

Info source: -Project DIVA- homepage


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