Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 14

Image source: 矢野芳典

Image source: 矢野芳典

Well, I realize that I am late in posting this. Basically I have been doing with minimal internet over the weekend so I wasn’t able to post this on time as I thought I would, so my apologies for this if anyone has been following this. ^ ^;; Anyway I am rather excited as I have went to pre-order the Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- COSPA T-shirts (Black Tour T-shirt and normal Black T-shirt) earlier yesterday afternoon and the Prism album by Asami Shimoda (Asapon) will be released this week on June 10th, can’t wait to listen to Asapon singing some of my favorite Rin and Len songs. ^_^

Anyway enough talk from me and let’s get back to this post’s topic, as said earlier I will be posting another two-part series by the Kagamine twins which will prove to make people touched and cry, in fact this has got to be the saddest series of them all, so prepare your tissue boxes just in case your tears overflow. And let’s start this week’s Vocaloid music then~

LightSong’s I Remixed The Remix (Remix) – Hatsune Miku

Now, what do you get when you couple a nice image with a really cool song remix? Well, one possible result is the video above, and who doesn’t want to give the Miku in that picture a hug? =3

Prisoner (with English subs) – Kagamine Len

This song tells about the story of a young boy (Len) who has been locked away behind prison fences since young due to unknown reasons and his only way of communication to the outside world would be to write his thoughts and feelings on pieces of paper and fold them into paper airplanes before flying them out of the prison fence, in which a girl would pick up the paper airplanes and reply back in the same way.

But one day the girl suddenly says that she will be going away and not return anymore. The boy was devastated upon hearing the news as waiting for the girl’s replies was the only thing worth looking forward to in his life. He subsequently went into despair and hit against the prison guards, getting him into more trouble as he was eventually tortured to death by the prison guards. And this leads to the second part of the two-part series.

Paper Airplanes (with English subs) – Kagamine Rin

This song speaks about the story of a bedridden girl (Rin) who has to sneak out of hospital every time her father is not around so that she can go to the prison fences and read the paper airplanes thrown out by the boy before replying back in the same way as the boy did. But the girl’s condition takes a turn for the worse and she becomes critically ill. Not wanting to make the boy sad, she just replied in one of the paper airplanes that she’s going away and won’t be returning without telling him the true reason behind her story. The girl subsequently passed away in the hospital.

In a cruel twist of fate the girl’s father actually turns out to be one of the prison guards and when he finds that the boy was the one whom her daughter have been communicating with before passing away, he simply torments the boy together with other prison guards thinking it would make him feel better. The boy retaliated and was taken away for further punishments, in which they pretty much killed the boy due to the continuous torturing. Towards the end of the song we go into Rin’s mind and as she was about to pass away she still wants to go to the prison fence to see the boy for the one last time. It seems that only in death can they really be together… ;_; *sniffs sniffs*

I don’t know how much I cried, but this has got to be one of the saddest Rin and Len series that I have ever watched, it’s as though one could feel every bit of pain and sufferings that the both of them are going through.

Wander Last (Hand Drawn PV with English and Romaji subs) – Megurine Luka

Now to get away from the sadness and how about we listen to a nice and peaceful sounding song from Luka to lighten the moods a little? For those of you who are Luka fans, this is one song that definitely deserves a listen there.

Rin Rin Signal (PV) – Kagamine Rin and Len

For the last song of this post I will be ending it on a lighter note with Rin Rin Signal. Cute and cheerful, this PV version will make Kagamine fans happy with its RinLen goodness in the video. =)

And that’s all the Vocaloid music for now, look out for Weekly Vocaloid Music 15 this Saturday as I will be sure to post it on time together with all the Vocaloid news and info as they arrive. Until then, see ya!


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