More Costume Updates And New Video For -Project DIVA-

Image source: みなみ

Image source: みなみ

Information released from Piapro and the SEGA official -Project DIVA- website has announced that the costumes submitted by Piapro users for the “SEGA x Piapro Special Collaboration Project“, in which the chosen designs will be included in the game, have all been revealed and also, a new video about -Project DIVA- explaining the different features in the game has been uploaded by SEGA.

So for more costumes updates and to watch the latest -Project DIVA- video just continue reading after the jump!

Well, here are the latest costumes updates which Piapro and Sega has posted on their respective website and you can view them below:

Finally, all the chosen Piapro costumes have been revealed!

Finally, all the chosen Piapro costumes have been revealed!

From left to right, it’s the Galaxy costume (draft by 119), the Princess costume (draft by wadaka) and the VN02 costume (draft by nagimiso).

And here's more costumes updates for Miku

And here's more costume updates for Miku.

From left to right, its the China (draft by shinryo), Plug In (draft by stoneking) and Heart Hunter (draft by chrysopa) costumes.

All these designs seem so awesome, now I simply can’t wait to get my copy of the game along with the Miku nendoroid puchi when it’s released on July 2nd. =D

And yes, there’s a new video uploaded by SEGA regarding -Project DIVA- in which different game features such as the different Miku costumes and some of the 39 songs that will be included in the game, the music editing feature as well the choice to choose any of your favorite Vocaloid character from the Crypton Vocaloid Family will be mentioned in the video.

And just in case for those of you who haven’t pre-ordered the game isn’t that enough reasons for you to get it, besides the Miku nendoroid puchi pre-order bonus? Himeya and HMV Japan are still taking pre-orders and they ship internationally as well. So let us await the arrival of our favorite virtual singing diva when she arrives on the PSP in July. ^_^

Info source: Piapro, SEGA -Project DIVA- website


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