Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 12

Sekai de Ichban O-hime sama~

Sekai de Ichiban O-hime sama~

Ah, it’s been a good week for me as a Vocaloid fan. Not only recently do we receive news that Kaito and Meiko will be included in the PSP game “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- and that new costumes and songs will be included in the game but also, news has it that a local shop here in Singapore has finally started taking pre-orders for -Project DIVA-. Needless to say I pre-ordered it the very same day I got the e-mail and went down to the shop next day to pay the deposit. Now I can happily wait for the game to arrive instead when July comes. ^_^

Anyway I will stop for my rumbling for now and we shall continue with this week’s Vocaloid music selections then. This week’s music tend to be more on the Kagamine twins side since I am a big fan of them. =)

Heavenly Blue – Hatsune Miku

To those of you who may have heard of the composer of this song, it’s actually from “164”, the same creator of the song “Shiningray” in which it made into a 3D music video using the MikuMikuDance program. This song has a nice and wonderful tune as the tempo changes accordingly to the scene in the song, it’s one song that you could listen to without getting bored easily. And as for the animations, it is simply stunning and coupled together the music it makes the video a joy to listen to and watch as well.

Taisetsu na Kotoba – Kagamine Rin and Len

A song which shows nice Rin and Len goodness, it’s actually about Rin and Len getting into an argument but they regret about the things that they have said as they didn’t really mean it and truly care about each other. In the end both Rin and Len apologise to each other and they are happily together once again.

Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder (with English subs) – Kagamine Rin

This is one very nice song from Rin, and it even obtained the 1st ranking in one of the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings when the song was first out in April. Listen on and you will find that as the song ends another song starts as well, which leads to Len’s part below.

Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder (with English subs) – Kagamine Len

Yes, it’s the same title as Rin’s song but this is actually also an original song by Len created by the same producer, NoriP. Overall all this song is also nice but I think I still prefer Rin’s version.

World Is Mine Len’s Side Version (with English subs) – Kagamine Len

Now you may have watched Miku’s and Kaito’s version of World Is Mine, but how about Len’s version of the song with Rin as his princess? (Which also explains the picture at the start of this post) This is one song full of lolz and it definitely had me agreeing that Rin and Len should be together, though I feel sorry for Len to be treated that way. xD

Anyway that ends it for this week’s Vocaloid music post. Look forward to more next weekend then~


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