-Project DIVA- Music Editing Feature

Hatsune Miku singing out to her fans in the opening theme!

Well, some of you out there may already have known about this music editing feature in the PSP game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- which enables users to add in their own music and create your Project DIVA music videos according to your own preference. But for those of you who aren’t aware of it, more information will be provided in this post regarding this feature on how to make your Project DIVA music videos that’s uniquely your own. To know more just continue reading!

Firstly, you would need to choose which of the four shapes (corresponding with the buttons on your PSP) that you would like to use in the video.

After you are done with choosing the shapes to use in the video, the shapes will then appear on a special grid map where you can select the position of the shapes and in which direction you would like the shapes to travel from.

Finally, select the stage and costume that you would like to put into one of the songs that you have uploaded into the game and that’s it! You are done with creating your own Project DIVA music video which you can enjoy playing from now on. =D

That should be all for now, should there be more information on this feature I will be sure to update it with another post.


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