Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 11

Image source: manami

Image source: manami

Welcome to Week 11 of Weekly Vocaloid Videos and Music segment, as usual I am your host DT. This week’s selections will include new songs by Luka and Miku, Rin as well as a small video series done by the Kagamine twins which I feel is quite underrated, despite it being rather good and touching. A word of advice though, this week’s songs tend to be on the sad side, especially the video series which could be quite  a tear-jerker as it is really quite sad. So you better prepare yourself in case if you really cry while watching it, because I know I did. ;_;

Week 11 of the Weekly Vocaloid Music post, start!

Magnet (with English subs and Romaji Lyrics) – Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka

Okay, it’s been known that this song which was produced by ryuuseiP, is also related to the songs “SPICE” and “RIP=RELEASE”, except that I don’t really have an exact idea of how this song is actually related to the other two songs. (Or rather, I do know of an possible explaination for the link of this song to the other two, but I will wait for it to be verified before posting it)

Proof Of Life and Soundless Voice (with English subs)

– Rin Kagamine (1st part) and Len Kagamine (2nd part)

Now, this is the video series done by the Kagamine twins which I am talking about. Proof of Life talks about how Rin is slowly passing away from this world as she tries to be strong about this, “At least I have lived, and that’s my proof of life”, says Rin. Gradually she can’t hear or speak anymore, and eventually Rin passes away, leaving poor Len all alone. How will Len do without Rin around? Now we are on part 2 of the song and further explainations below:

Soundless Voice talks about Len trying to deal with the loss of his other half as he doesn’t want Rin to leave him at all, because things will never be the same without Rin around, and likewise. Len hopes that he could hear Rin’s voice just one more time and for that, he’s willing to sacrifice his voice for the miracle to happen, which explains the title of Len’s song. I am still teary-eyed despite me not watching it for the first time already, it’s just so sad and beautiful. *Grabs tissue to dry the tears*

Aren’t You Calling Me Yet (with English subs) – Kagamine Rin

Hey who dare to make my wife cry!? Well just joking, this song talks about Rin being ignored by her special someone as he gradually stop calling her. It makes Rin so upset that she eventually tries to find fault with herself, and stating that she will try to improve on them, just so that he will give her a call again. Poor Rin, she definitely deserves a hug and some comforting there.

And for the final song of this week I am going with a Vocaloid cover song, in which the song was originally sung by one of the Vocaloid characters but has been done by another Vocaloid as well. This song, together with the original, has been on my playlist most of  the time recently.

RIP=RELEASE – Kagamine Len (Vocaloid Cover)

Yep, this is second Luka song which has hit one million songs on Nico Nico Douga just recently. And now Len has chosen to sing it, which I enjoy it as well the original one.

That’s all the music introductions for this week, looking forward to next week for possible Utatte Mita recommendations and more Weekly Vocaloid music then!


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3 Responses to “Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 11”

  1. Prism Song Samples Now Up « DT’s Vocaloid Fanblog and other stuff Says:

    […] Voice by Kagamine Len, for more info about these two songs you can view one of my Vocaloid music posts explaining about these two […]

  2. Aqua Says:

    Are the english lyrics for SOUNDLESS VOICE accurate? I’m confused with all the other translations! T.T

    • DT Says:

      You mean Cafechan’s lyrics translations in the video? Yeah, it’s accurate I believe after doing some brief checks with the original lyrics and another translation of the same song. Though not all the other translations may be the same since people translate things differently sometimes.

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