Utatte Mita Recommendations~

Image source: ama

Image source: ama

For those of you who don’t know what’s “Utatte Mita”, it’s actually a video category in Nico Nico Douga which basically means “karaoke”. I am sure some of you have been wanting to sing your own version of Vocaloid songs especially if it’s a song from your favorite Vocaloid character. Or you may have done so already, which could be quite an accomplishment if you could do the songs well. =D

So in this post I will be posting karaoke versions of Vocaloid songs done by  Nico Nico Douga artists as well as Utatte Mita recommendations of another kind done by Vocaloid fans and hopefully you will get to like them as much as I am enjoying the music they have provided. And here we start off with the recommendations~

First off, “Kokoro x Kokoro Kiseki”, originally done by the Kagamine twins.

Kokoro x Kokoro Kiseki – Usa and Yamai

Usa and Yamai are singers on Nico Nico Douga known for their apparent “yuri” relationship, even though it’s mainly used as comedy relief or fandom. They have also sung their own versions for some of the other Vocaloid songs around.

Meltdown – Turai

One of my favorite songs from Rin, impressively well done by Turai as well. For those who don’t know, Turai, an artist on Nico Nico Douga, is also known as minato or RyuuseiP who has produced Vocaloid songs such as “SPICE” and “RIP=RELEASE”.

Meltdown – 6 person Vocals

Yes, it’s Meltdown again, since I loved the song so much that I am planning on doing a karaoke version myself as well. =P Anyway the 6 vocalists in the song are: トゥライ ,けったろ, clear, リツカ, Φ串Φ and 海苔子. This version was nicely done, and they have seperately done other versions of this song as well.

Now, here’s a couple of songs done by a Vocaloid fan. Her voice is cute and the singing’s not bad altogether. ^_^

Fear Garden – Cafechan

Orginally done by Kagamine Rin, this isn’t really an easy song to choose for singing but she has done fine for this.

Skeleton Life – Cafechan

It’s a nice song, and it helps that Cafechan has a nice voice which makes this enjoyable to listen to as well. At least we know that some of us in the Vocaloid community can sing pretty well too. =D Now if only I can get her to post her version of “Cursed Glasses – Stray Girl In Her Lenses” on YouTube as well…

Anyway that’s about the Utatte Mita recommendations for now, I will be introducing more in the near future and this recommendation post may also replace my Weekly Vocaloid Videos and Music on some weeks, depending on the Vocaloid songs which I found on YouTube or Nico Nico Douga.

Look forward to tomorrow’s Weekly Vocaloid Videos and Music then! =)


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