MikuMikuDance English Video Tutorials

MikuMikuDance (Multi-Model Edition) Version 4.0

For those of you who have downloaded the MikuMikuDance program wanting to create your own Vocaloid MMD videos but aren’t sure of how to use the program or need help with it, then this post is for you. Over the past couple of months, tutorial guides about using MikuMikuDance have been uploaded onto YouTube and it’s all in English. So here are the videos as below and hopefully anyone wanting to use the MikuMikuDance program will find the video tutorials useful. Oh, and if you haven’t got MikuMikuDance, read on as well for download links.

First things first, these videos are English tutorials for the MikuMikuDance Multi Model Version 3.4, which could be downloaded by clicking here. The newest version is Version 5.10, which could be downloaded here.

[Updated on August 2009] Edited the latest version link for MikuMikuDance to Version 5.10. If the link above doesn’t seem to be working then click here to go to the VPVP site itself to download the program.

Miku Miku Dance Multi Model Version 3.4 Tutorial

This video gives users a short guide on how to move your MMD model,  inserting/editing/changing backgrounds and inserting accessories (such as leek).

Miku Miku Dance Tutorial- Posing

A tutorial on how to pose your MMD model is provided here, be it the legs, hair or the eyes, it’s explained in this video. Also, some help on how to lip-synch your MMD model while the song is playing is also provided.

Miku Miku Dance Multi Model Image Tutorial

Short guide on how to use the options listed at the bottom of the MikuMikuDance program.

PMD Editor Tutorial

This guide basically gives users an idea of how to change and edit your MMD models, such as the accessories on them or the model itself.

Also, in addition to those videos mentioned, you might want to go here to get the English Manuals for MikuMikuDance Version 3.

Note: Vocaloid fans would probably be familar with the songs used in the videos, though it’s either you will hate it or like it for this version of the beginning song used in the last video.

Info source: 初音ミクみく


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2 Responses to “MikuMikuDance English Video Tutorials”

  1. Yumi-Chan Says:

    i’m sorry
    i love to download the MMD aplication
    but i don’t understand

    • DT Says:

      Try these two basic MMD tutorials below, it should be able to help you get familiarized with using the program. =)

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