AnimeFest @ Argentina – Vocaloid Cosplay

Image source: なた

Just browsing around the Vocaloid network when I found out about the AnimeFest event in Argentina, and it seems there’s a team there cosplaying as Vocaloid and even a performance by them using different Vocaloid songs such as Kokoro, Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru and the best of all, Kurutto, Odotte, Hatsune Miku. Watch as Miku accidentally falls onto Haku just like in the original 3DCG video. XD

It’s really enjoyable watching their performance at the cosplay event, and you can view the videos below.

Team Vocaloid Cosplay – Part 1

For part 2 of the video just carry on reading!

Team Vocaloid Cosplay – Part 2

And this second part features the Vocaloid cosplayers dancing to the short version of Caramelldansen.

I must say I really applaud the cosplayers for their efforts, and it’s a pretty nice performance as well. =D And oh, here’s their Team Vocaloid Diary link if you are interested about them, it’s in Spanish though but that doesn’t mean you need to understand Spanish to be able to enjoy the cosplay photos. =)

Edit: Added Team Vocaloid Argentina’s facebook page for those interested.

Info source: 初音ミクみく

DT’s Personal Note: Now how I wish I could cosplay as well though, it would be great to be able to join a team and cosplay together as Vocaloid characters… Or I guess I am dreaming too much? =/


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2 Responses to “AnimeFest @ Argentina – Vocaloid Cosplay”

  1. TADGOM (AKAITO) Says:

    Hello, thnkz for the comment about aour video.. (I don´t speak english very well)
    so.. thnakz very much!

    if u search us in facebook u cand find us! as “team vocaloid argentina”…

    c ya!


    • DT Says:

      You’re welcome. =) If it’s nice or good Vocaloid cosplay pictures or videos then it should deserve a mention. Just remember to keep up the good work there. ^_^

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