New Blog Writer On Vocaloidism~

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Well, this news has been on the Vocaloidism blog for a few days. Just thought I would repost it here for anyone’s information as well.

Ah, it’s been three weeks since I first posted news entries on the Vocaloidism blog, but I didn’t really went around to introduce myself yet. So under the reminder from the site owner Kevin last week I thought it’s about time to give a brief introduction of myself here.

Hi everyone, I am DT here, also known as DTKel on the Vocaloidism Forums. Originally I started out on my personal Vocaloid fanblog (which is the blog you are reading currently) writing about Vocaloid news and music when Kevin asked me on the forum late last month whether I would like to write on his blog as well, and basically that’s how I ended up blogging on Vocaloidism currently.

Personally I will be considered a late fan of Vocaloid as I was only introduced to Vocaloid videos such as Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru and Ievan Polkka on YouTube back in Dec 08 before my interest in Vocaloid grew and I become a fan eventually. Currently I am seeking to expand my personal Vocaloid figurines collection as I aim to stay up-to-date with the latest Vocaloid news on the internet and post Vocaloid related news which I find may be interesting.

So from now on (or since last month) I will be working together with Kevin as we hope to bring you the latest Vocaloid and Vocaloid related news from the Vocaloid universe, so do stay updated to Vocaloidism to get your dose of Vocaloid news regularly. And thanks to Kevin once again for giving me the chance to write about Vocaloid news on his blog. =D

Well that’s about the introduction from me, until the next article then. =)

[Side Note] And it just so happens that today is my birthday, so I will just make a note here and say Happy Birthday to myself. ^_^


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