Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 6

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Ah, it’s Week 6 of the Weekly Vocaloid Music segment. And I realize I am a bit late in posting, since I am supposed to post this yesterday but didn’t really went to go around doing it. ^ ^;; But anyway I will be continuing from last week’s introduction to the songs mentioned in the Vocaloid Ranking SP3 list and this time round, more songs will be listed as there are really quite a number of good Vocaloid songs to listen to. So without further delay we will start this week’s Vocaloid music segment!

Youthful Days’ Graffiti (with English and Romaji subs) – Hatsune Miku

This is one song that has a retro feeling to it, it’s as though you are back in time to listen to the music back in the 80’s. And you will find yourself humming along with the music the more you listen to it, it’s enjoyable in my opinion.

Saihate (with English Lyrics) – Hatsune Miku

This was supposedly a farewell song, to those who had passed away. But what makes this song unique is that it’s surprisingly upbeat and there’s almost a cheerful touch to it.

Transmit – Kagamine Rin

Once ranked 1st on the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings, this song has been on my mp3 player’s loop mode ever since I first listened to it last week. It’s a very nice Rin song (though sad sounding) and it feels as though one could just listen on and on to the music.

Meltdown (with English and Romaji Lyrics) – Kagamine Rin

Also known as “Ro Shin Yu Kai” (literally translated as The Reactor Core Melting), this song has a dark story as it talks about how Rin, as an adult, has committed many sins in the past as she tries to kill her younger self in her dream hoping that she would be able to get rid of all her sins in doing so. In the end, she decides to jump into a nuclear reactor, hoping that the world would be better off without her. (By the way if you are a fan of Rin or a big fan of this song you would be glad to know how well this song has fared in the rankings in Vocaloid Ranking SP3. It’s actually 1st, beating the likes of Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka =D)
Bucchigiri ni Shite Ageru (with English Lyrics) – Kagamine Rin

This song is actually a remake of Miku’s well known song “Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru” as it solidifies the Road Roller as one of Rin’s character items (the other being mikan orange and yellow onion). Also, the style of the music has been changed to match those of fast-paced techno music similar to the ones featured in the anime “Initial D”, except that this time round it’s “Initial R” instead. =P

Gekokujou (with English Lyrics) – Kagamine Rin and Len

A fun and upbeat rap song. This song mainly talks about how the Kagamine twins try to prove that they can overtake Hatsune Miku as number one instead. However Len talks about how he’s not a shota and that his voice is his greatest talent and attribute instead as Rin just states that she’s simply better than Miku in most aspects, if not all. A must for all the hardcore Kagamine fans out there, this is one song that’s packed full of the Kagamine twins’ confidence, paying tribute to their skills and talents as well thanking the audience for all their support.

Stardust Utopia (with English subs) – Megurine Luka

This is a very nicely made song which came out on the day of Megurine Luka’s release on January 31st, gaining quite a lot of popularity when it first came out.

Transient Future – Megurine Luka

This song was released just a few hours after Stardust Utopia and although it’s not as popular as Stardust Utopia, it’s nevertheless a nice song to listen to.

World Is Mine (with English subs) – Kaito

This was originally a Miku song, but this version features Kaito as he turns out to be the (un)fortunate one to be Miku’s boyfriend as he tries to do his best for Miku, only to get bullied by Miku instead each time round.

And here’s the band verison if you like this song:
World Is Mine – Another Side (Band Edition) – Kaito

That’s about the introductions this time around, more Vocaloid music introductions will be coming up later this week so stay tuned! ^_^


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16 Responses to “Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 6”

  1. hralpha Says:

    hay is there anywhere you can download or purchase these videos ?

    • DT Says:

      Well, if you are a FireFox user then you can download this add-on called Flash Video Downloader or this YouTube MP4 Downloader (log in required for this add-on though). (All the methods listed here are free actually, meaning you don’t have to purchase the videos in order to watch them)

      For the Flash Video Downloader, just click on the symbol and you will be taken to the add-on creator’s site asking you in which format you want to download your video file (FLV, HQ FLV and/or HQ MP4), click on the button and save it to a location on your computer.

      For YouTube MP4 Downloader, just click on the symbol and you will be asked to save the video file to a location in your computer, in MP4 format. Personally I am using these two add-ons the most when downloading videos on YouTube and they have been pretty useful.

      Or alternatively if you can navigate your way on Nico Nico Douga then it would be great for you to download NicoFox through the Firefox add-on page (log in required as well though) or directly through their Google Code page as recommended earlier in one of my blog posts. Go to any video on NND, click on the downward arrow next to the video title and the video should start downloading shortly. Note the download may be scheduled sometimes as the video could be in economy mode (lower quality mode) and it will be resumed once the video is back in normal mode (high quality). You can also disable downloading the comments in the options if you want.

      That’s about the methods I know, since I am a FireFox user. For other methods you would need to ask around though. ^ ^;;

  2. hralpha Says:

    thx man i cant believe i didnt know about any Vocaloid up until yesterday great sound + asome animations = Vocaloid ill try a few of ur methods but im also ganna do a lot of searchin on my usual torret pages

    fav 3 so far “Love is War” “Melt” and Gekokujou (with English Lyrics) – Kagamine Rin and Len

    • DT Says:

      Cool, it’s great that you know about Vocaloid now. =D Hope you have fun finding nice Vocaloid songs and knowing more about Vocaloid then.

      And if you like Love Is War and Melt then I would recommend Black Rock Shooter (try searching it on YouTube) to you as well, it’s a great song produced by the same creator as well.

  3. hralpha Says:

    lol ok and wow u replied fast

    • DT Says:

      That’s because I happen to be online to check for Vocaloid news and updates when you posted your comment, that’s why I was able to reply back to you shortly. =)

  4. hralpha Says:

    lol might as well be chattin
    btw why is the time on the posts so off is it set to a certain area cause its 10 am here and it say 10 pm

    • DT Says:

      That’s because I am from Singapore, which has a time difference of GMT +8 hours so the timings may appear to be rather weird.

  5. hralpha Says:

    ah man i envy u so badly right now i would kill to live in japan i just don’t know what id do for a living

    • DT Says:

      Well, if you know what you are going to doing for a profession in the future then work towards it. Try to know more contacts who have links to job offers in Japan and slowly look for it while you are working, should your skill and expertise in the field be needed then you could possibly find yourself working and living in Japan before long. Or at least that’s what I plan to do after completing my studies.

  6. hralpha Says:

    i guess your right but thats probably where i fail i just never put any thought into my future guess i just never thought it was that important now im this far along without any idea what im good at mostly cause im one of thoese guys jack of all trades master of none

    • DT Says:

      Hmm…it’s never too late to put your heart and mind into something now if you really want to. Cos if you don’t start at some point you will never achieve what you have wanted to do initially. And being a jack of all trades isn’t a bad thing, at least that means you are pretty versatile. Now you just need to find a field you would most enjoy working in, so much so that it isn’t a chore to you and yet able to support yourself at the same time.

  7. hralpha Says:

    oh btw found a pretty HQ download for Love is War
    if ur interested

    • DT Says:

      Thanks, but I have already downloaded it some time back. There’s actually a few other subbers on YouTube doing subs of Vocaloid videos as well other than Moetron Subs, though I would say Moetron Subs really does a good job in subbing.

      • hralpha Says:

        oh cool i was just happy to find a download that i didnt have to extract from a playerbut if you say there good i lll give it a peek thx again man

  8. DT Says:

    You’re welcome. And while you are at it why not visit their homepage? They usually list their subs on the blog, together with the download links.

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