Hatsune Miku – An Introduction Of Her Creators –

Source: 成奈

Following the release of the video featuring Hatsune Miku last month on Channel ASAHI, Asahi Shinbum has produced an article about Hatsune Miku on March 21st and although the article is issued only in Japan, a Japanese fan masatopia has kindly translated and uploaded the article as a video on Youtube with narration using VoiceText software. This time round, an more in-depth description of the song producers behind her music will be given as they will be asked about their views on music and how they want to make their music to heard by others. To know more about the story just read on below!

Starting off with the introduction will be the supercell album featuring Hatsune Miku released by Sony Music and the Re:Package album released by Victor. Kazumitsu Shimizu (Executive Producer of Sony Music) will be asked about his views on the ryo’s popular hit song “Melt” as ryo will be talking about how he ends up working together with Sony despite receiving offers from other label companies.

Kazuhito Tsukui, a songwriter and composer who also creates Vocaloid songs under the producer name SOSOSO-P, comments on how he’s encouraged by the feedbacks on iTunes USA following the release of his Vocaloid music on iTunes and feels that there’s a lot of potential for Vocaloid indeed. Now that Crypton has started to distribute Vocaloid music on iTunes stores, this brings the distance between music makers and listeners even closer than ever.

Tripshots, the creator behind the Miku 3DPV song “Nebula”, feels heartened when he sees that Nico Nico Douga viewers appreciate his kind of music and he’s glad that through making music he has managed to meet a lot of people that he would never have been able to meet otherwise.

Also, wa-i-no-hito (Administrator of SNS “Vocaloid Nyappon”), sippotan (maker of the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking charts), rankingloid (maker of the Daily Vocaloid Ranking) and the MMD program (created by Yu Higuchi) will also be given an introduction in the video.

Towards the end of the video it was noted that the Vocaloid software which starts with Hatsune Miku, now ends with Megurine Luka who was released back in January. However, Crypton will be introducing the images of a new series. So does that mean we can look forward to even more awesome Vocaloid software from Crypton in the future? We will be looking forward to it then. =)


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