Vocaloid Ranking SP3 – Cherry Blossom Vocaloid Ranking Special

Source: 月菜

As the graduation season ends in Japan, a new Vocaloid Ranking Special have been uploaded. As opposed to the two before, this Top 100 countdown with a Cherry Blossom theme focused on the best songs from the 8-month span since the 2nd Special. To do so, any video that appeared before SP2 had their score from that special deducted from their total to make up their final point total. This allowed newer songs to earn airtime during the special, especially in the top 3. In addition to maintaining the Kiriban Channel and Otona no Vocoran, a new feature was the “…ga sugoi” lists, in which various contributors to the Vocaloid community are asked to give their Best 3 (ranking is optional). This time round with Megurine Luka entering the competition how will each of the Vocaloid’s songs fare in the ranking? Read on to find out!

[Important Note] The video links are from Nico Nico Douga, so you will need to log in with your account in order to watch the videos posted there, since NND videos are blocked here. If you don’t have an account yet then you may want to visit the Nico Nico Douga Registration Guide which I have posted earlier. Of course, if the videos are uploaded to YouTube then I will definitely update it here.

Part 1, posted on Mar 31st:


Part 1 showcases songs ranking from 100th to 71st together with Top 3 picks from 19’s Sound Factory, Oster Project, and cosMo.

Part 2, posted on April 1st:


Part 2 lists songs ranking from 70th to the 41st. Also, songs from every hundredth (example: 200th, 300th, 400th and so on) from song 200th to song 2,400th will be introduced, out of a total of 2,456 songs.

Part 3, posted on April 2nd:


Rankings from 40th to the 11th are listed in this part of the video, Top 3 picks from Yu Higuchi (Creator of MMD program), the blogger of 初音ミクみくand Naho will also be given an introduction.

Part 4, posted on April 5th:


This 4th part showcases songs from Top 10 – Top 4, in this ranking ryo/supercell has shown strong showings with World Is Mine, Black Rock Shooter and When The First Love Ends all in the Top 10.(Together with another Miku song that’s in the Top 3)

Part 5, posted on April 9th:


Well, if you have been watching the comments during the fourth part of the Ranking Special then you would pretty much be able to guess what the Top 3 songs are. If not then just watch the last part of the video to find out. Though I must say the No. 1 song has really been performing pretty well in the charts during this season, so it should come as no surprise as to top the rankings this time round.

As usual, songs that are out of the Top 100 ranking will be listed briefly in the Ranking Special. However, only songs from 101st to 1000th will be listed as it will be too much time consuming to list all the 2,456 songs submitted for this ranking. Song no. 2,456 will be given a mention though, as it’s the last song on the rankings.

That’s it for now, until the next ranking when the summer season comes.


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