Vocaloid Collection March Additions – Part 2

Ah, here’s what I got to sum up my haul of Vocaloid figurines for the month of March. And seriously I thought I was going to give up waiting for the both of them as I have been asking around since late last month. For fortunately a hobby shop here happens to answer my request to look for the SEGA Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin EX PVC figures, and that’s none other than La Tendo.

Actually La Tendo did brought in the SEGA Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin figures before, during last November’s Anime Festival Asia 08 held here in Singapore in which they are sold as a set for 58 SGD (or roughly 40 USD). But sadly I wasn’t a Vocaloid fan back then and so I missed out on the figurines. (I only become a fan in December, that’s why)

Anyway I decided to went in search for these two as I wanted to add them to my Vocaloid collection, as well as the fact that because they are SEGA prize toys, there’s a limit on the number of figurines produced, so that makes it even more worthwhile to collect in my opinion. La Tendo managed to get it while they are in Japan earlier this month and subsequently I did pay a premium for the both of them, but at least I think it’s worth it. ^_^ Especially if there’s Rin (or Len) around, since I am a big fan of the Kagamine twins.

Anyway, enough talking. More pictures below: ^ ^


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