Sakura no Ame Hits One Million Views

Image source: ちょんひ

Well, with so many Miku songs already on the Nico Nico Douga million views video ranking chart it should come as no surprise that another song by Miku would be added to the list sooner or later. And that would happen to be Sakura no Ame, which hit the million views mark on 30th March 2009, at 12.26 pm Japan time. To listen to the song and know more information about it continue reading!

Sakura no Ame (Original Version)

Sakura no Ame (with English Lyrics)


Lyrics – halyosy
Compose – halyosy
Arrange –  halyosy
Vocal – absorb/Hatsune Miku

Basically the song talks about the thoughts and feelings surrounding graduation, as the song is used throughout Japanese high schools when the students graduate. Also, there’s been news recently that a movie will be based on it and they are still holding auditions for extra cast (as the main cast have already been selected) up to today, 30th March 09. It would be nice to see a movie based on the song, and I will be posting with more information about it as soon as I could get it. And oh, if you haven’t seen the version sung by absorb, then it’s about time you watch it below. It’s truly a very nice song in my opinion.

Sakura no Ame – absorb

Once again, congrats on Sakura no Ame reaching one million views mark, currently 132rd on the Nico Nico Douga Million Views Video ranking list. =)

Source: 初音ミクみく


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