Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 4

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This week I will be introducing on the “Evil” series by Kagamine Rin and Len, as promised in my previous Weekly Vocaloid Music post. These are some of the notable songs by the Kagamine twins and they could really make people touched or cry as the story unfolds bit by bit in the Evil series.

Without further delay we will go into the first part of the series, “Daughter Of Evil” by Kagamine Rin.

Daughter Of Evil (with English Lyrics)

The story talks about the story of an evil princess (Rin) who treats her people so cruelly that they live in great misery while she lives in every luxury imaginable. Then, the evil princess falls in love with a man (Kaito) from another kingdom, but unfortunately the man already has a lover (Hatsune Miku) from another land.  The evil princess, in great jealousy, orders the land where the woman is from to be destroyed and as the land burns, the evil princess notes, “Oh, it’s time for my snack”. The angry people decided that enough was enough and together with a woman in red armor (MEIKO), they storm the Daughter of Evil’s kingdom and overthrow her, sentencing her to death by the guillotine. However, just as she was about to be beheaded, the Daughter of Evil notes again, “Oh, it’s time for my snack”.

Daughter of Evil (PV Version)

Nico Nico Douga Link

Later, a woman in red armor (Meiko) together with the man, who was devastated and angry about his lover’s death, invades the castle wanting to take the evil princess’s life. And together with all the angry people from all over the land, they managed to capture the evil princess and sent her to the execution table to be beheaded, but not before she says out, “Oh, it’s time for my snack” for the one last time.

This song was not relatively known until Len’s version (more information below), which describes the story of the evil princess from his point of view as her servant, make people understand the Daughter of Evil better and hence grew in popularity together as a series.

Now, onto part two of the series: “Servant Of Evil” by Kagamine Len. Note that if you haven’t read my post about this song already, then I will be doing a summary here as well.

Servant of Evil (Original Version)

Nico Nico Douga Link

This song is told through the views of the evil princess’s servant (Len), who’s actually her twin brother. Despite the evil princess doing many evil things and being cold by nature, Len only sees the nice and innocent side of her and continues to serve her devotedly. While on a trip to another land, Len sees a woman with green color hair (Hatsune Miku) and falls in love with her instantly. However, the evil princess was jealous of what she saw and orders Len to have the woman killed, in which Len obeys without any question.

Servant of Evil (with English Lyrics)

Servant of Evil (PV Version)

Later, the woman’s lover (Kaito) as well as an uprising army (lead by Meiko) attack the castle wanting to take the evil princess’s life. Then the servant hatched an idea to save the evil princess, “Let’s swap clothes and exchanges places instead”, the servant said. Since they are identical twins, no one would be able to tell that the evil princess is actually a fake. Sure enough, everyone went after the servant who’s disguised as the evil princess as they sent “her” to the execution table to be beheaded. The evil princess could only stand there crying and grieving for her brother, who says he has no regrets dying for her and was glad to be of service to his princess till the very end.

And next, “Regret Message” (or Message of Regret) by Kagamine Rin, the third part of the Evil series.

Regret Message

This song tells of the evil princess’s feelings immediately after the Servant of Evil as she realizes that it was due to her selfishness that Len was killed. Then, she went to the beach and sees messages in bottles, which reminded her about a memory she had with Len about throwing bottles with messages inside when they were very young. Because legend has it that if you wrote your wish on a piece of paper, place it inside a bottle and let it float out to sea, the wish would become true. In Rin’s message it says, “Be with Rin forever” while Len’s message says “For Rin to be always happy”. Rin then realizes that she has really been very selfish all this while and decides to make a wish, “If we could be reborn, I want to be with you again”, which coincidentally happens to be Len’s wish as well before he died.

Regret Message (PV Version with Chinese subs)

Notes regarding this PV – Towards the end the PV shows Rin being reborn as a Vocaloid2 character and given introduction to Len. This is not to be confused with the setting in Kokoro or Kokoro Kiseki even though they may have the same settings as they are totally different stories altogether.

And finally, the last part in this series, “Re_birthday” by Kagamine Len.

Re_birthday (Original Version)

Nico Nico Douga Link

Re_birthday (Hand drawn PV)

Nico Nico Douga Link

Re_birthday (Another hand drawn PV with English Lyrics)

This song talks about Len being imprisoned for a very long time for all the sins and evil things that he has done and how he feels during all this while. But then, it was decided that Len should be forgiven of his sins as he has already been punished for it.  Subsequently he was given a re-birth into a Vocaloid2 character and be reunited with Rin and the others, hence the title of the song.

For this “Evil” series I find that I like Servant of Evil best, as it was through Len’s story that we managed to know more about the Daughter of Evil and her sad past, hence able to appreciate Message of Regret and Re_birthday much better. And I was touched as well when I saw the Evil series, though I did watch it after Kokoro and Kokoro Kiseki, but it was still touching nevertheless.

Well, that’s about all from me for this week. Be back for next week then.


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