Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 3

Image source: isounagi

Welcome to another week of Vocaloid videos and music, this week I will be introducing some of the Vocaloid videos that I have been watching on YouTube recently as well as some others which has finally got subbed in English by some of the kind translators and subbers around. And here we start off with the first introduction:

Black Rock Chooter (with English subs) – Hatsune Miku

The song is still the same as Black Rock Shooter but with a chibi Miku-like character in the video, and the character is very cute as well. (・ω・) Notice that the “C” in Chooter is intended to be so by the original creator.

[Update] Added another Black Rock Shooter video below, except that it’s by Kagamine Len this time. The lyrics are the same as the original Black Rock Shooter. Enjoy!

Black Rock Shooter – Kagamine Len

“I I I I Like You, I LOVE You” – Kagamine Rin Vocaloid Katahotori Mix

If you have seen the original version of this video (posted below) then it’s likely that you would like this version as well. It’s nice, cute and pretty much enjoyable in my opinion.

And here’s the original version:

“I I I I Like You, I LOVE You” (Hand drawn PV) – Kagamine Rin

Next up, Len’s “Re_birthday”.

Re_birthday (with English Sub) – Kagamine Len

Finally there’s an subbed version of this song after months of waiting. And it’s so touching after knowing what this song is about. ;__; Len was finally being forgiven of the sins that he has done in the past and given a rebirth as a second chance and be reunited with the rest, hence the title of the song. Note that this song is actually the last part of a four part episode called the “Evil” series by Rin and Len Kagamine. This series can be considered one of the most well-known series by the Kagamine twins before Kokoro and Kokoro Kiseki came out. I will be introducing this “Evil” series and explaining more in detail in next week’s Weekly Vocaloid issue.

And for the last video of the week:

Toeto (with English Subs) – Vocal On – Megurine Luka

This song is about a very shy girl who’s too shy to speak and just keeps on saying “etto, etto” (err, err). This song is produced by ToruborutaP, the same person who created Rin’s famous song “Kokoro”.

Well, that about ends it for this week’s Weekly Vocaloid Videos and Music. Until next week, then.


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