Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi, B★RS and WIM Figurines At Tokyo Anime Fair 09

Source: Akiba Hobby and Mikatan’s blog

According to information from the two sources above, there will be an Tokyo Anime Fair which will be held from the 18th to 21st March. As usual, many figurines and new anime previews will be available at the fair. However, what catches my eyes most would be the Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi collection by Good Smile Company shown at the fair, and finally Meiko’s in the collection as well.

Needless to say, Miku’s simply too cute with her two leeks! ^ ^

And there we have Meiko finally, though it’s just a Nendoroid puchi at the moment. Hopefully her Nendoroid version will come out as well soon.

This is the Luka Nendoroid Puchi as shown during the previous Wonder Hobby event.

Rin and Len are also irresistibly cute too with their poses, how I wish I could get them right now. =D

And of course, there’s the upcoming 1/8 Black ★ Rock Shooter and World Is Mine PVC figurines by GSC as well. Currently there’s no information on the release date of the World Is Mine figurine (UPDATE as of April 28th 09 – The World Is Mine Hatsune Miku figure will be retailing for 8,800 Yen, to be released in Sep 09. For more information please view this newer post), but GSC has released a CM preview of both the Black ★ Rock Shooter and World Is Mine PVC figurines which will be shown on April 5th.

Pictures source: Akiba Hobby

And here’s the CM video: (Thanks to wcloudx for uploading this video to YouTube.)

Well, now that the Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi have been announced (can’t wait for it to be released though!) there will be more figurines that I want to add to my Vocaloid collection.  I will most probably be getting the Nendoroid Puchi and Black Rock Shooter (just preordered it a few days ago) when it comes out. But in the next few months there will be Vocaloid stuff like Kagamine Rin and Len 1/8 PVC figurines by GSC in May, Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- PSP game in July, and of course Black Rock Shooter coming out in August. And add to the fact that I am still trying to get the SEGA Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin Limited Edition figurines at the moment, I can foresee my wallet getting even lighter in the coming months…


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