Guide – How To Register on Piapro

In this post I will be providing a step-by-step information on how to register/create an account on Piapro.

Edit: Re-uploaded the images to Imageshack instead for better viewing.

Piapro Registration Guide – Page 1

(Click on the images to view the enlarged version in a new window)

Piapro Registration Guide – Page 2

Piapro Registration Guide – Page 3

Piapro Registration Guide  – Page 4

Piapro Registration Guide – Page 5

Piapro Registration Guide – Page 6

Well, that should be about it, hope anyone reading would find this guide useful. Should anyone notices any mistakes or error then please inform me and I will try to edit as soon as I can.


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3 Responses to “Guide – How To Register on Piapro”

  1. niji27 Says:

    Thank you for the guide! It helps a lot! ^^

  2. PL Says:

    Thanks this helped a lot ^-^
    But I have a question, why can’t I comment on people’s pictures?
    For example Cmell…
    I tried to comment on a picture but I get a message telling me I need to register my mobile or something…

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