Weekly Vocaloid Videos and Music – 2

In this issue I will just be introducing one song, and it’s a song that has made me a Vocaloid fan and left many people touched or even cried after listening to the song, including me. Up to now I still remained touched by it despite hearing it countless times, and it’s none other than “Kokoro” by ToruborutaP, sung by Kagamine Rin.

This post is also to pay tribute to the 1st anniversary of the song since it was produced by ToruborutaP and uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga in March a year ago.

As briefly mentioned in my first weekly Vocaloid post, I will be providing a more detailed summary to this song and its alternate version sung by Kagamine Len, Kokoro Kiseki.

Kokoro (with English Lyrics) – Kagamine Rin

This story speaks from Rin’s (the robot) point of view about a scientist (Len) who has managed to create a robot and it was so successful that it could only be called a “Miracle”. However, the robot is almost perfect except for one thing, she’s missing a Kokoro (Heart) and that left her unable to feel or appreciate human emotions, no matter how kind or well the scientist was to her.

A few hundred years went by and the scientist, having reached the end of his life, passed away trying to make the Kokoro for Rin, leaving her alone by herself all this while.

Kokoro (Original by ToruborutaP with English Lyrics)

The robot then decided to research on the Kokoro that the scientist has been trying to make for her all his life and through the browsing of his works and researches, she happens to activate the Kokoro program that the scientist has saved inside the computer just before he passed away. Overwhelmed by her new-found emotions as to what the scientist has done for her, she decides to sing on for eternity to express her gratitude for the person who has created her.

Kokoro (Namakonyuruko ver)

[Note: This version by Namakonyuruko tells a more complete story from Rin’s side than other version.]

However, the Kokoro was too big for her artifical body to withstand and the robot went down instead, unable to ever work again. However, even as the end was near for her, her face was still filled with a smile, thankful for the creator, her father…

Kokoro (3D PV with English Lyrics)

This song was so popular that many different animated versions of the song has been created and it has become known as one of the  most famous songs which represents Rin. And there’s even a live action PV based on Kokoro made by a group of students for their school project:

Kokoro – Live Action PV

Now, I will move on to “Kokoro Kiseki” sung by Kagamine Len, made by ZyunP as an answer song to ToruborutaP’s “Kokoro”.

Kokoro Kiseki (with English Lyrics)

This song speaks from the doctor’s (Len’s) side of the story as he tries to find a Kokoro (Soul) for the robot after realising she wasn’t able to feel any emotions for the things around her. The search went on and on without any success.  Just as he was losing hope when he was entering the last few moments of his life, his current Rin receives a message from her future self stating the completed Kokoro program discovered in the original Kokoro song. The scientist, knowing that his efforts didn’t go to waste, passed away peacefully.

Kokoro Kiseki

As “Kokoro Kiseki” was made to compliment “Kokoro”, if the two songs are played together at the same time then it would make one complete song, fully detailing the tragedy and sadness of the robot (Rin) and the doctor (Len) each from their points of view.

Kokoro, Kokoro Kiseki (with English Lyrics) – Rin and Len Kagamine

Kokoro and Kokoro Kiseki – Rin and Len Kagamine

And that ends this issue’s Weekly Vocaloid videos and music, I will be posting a new issue later this week.


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