GSC 1/8 Black★Rock Shooter PVC Figure Now Open For Reservation

Well, the reservation has actually been open since last week, just that I haven’t got around to posting it until now. But anyway for those who are still wondering about who this character is, she’s an original character created by Huke which is based off from Miku.  She appears in the video song “Black★Rock Shooter” and many people like the design of her character as much they enjoy the song (which was made by ryo).

Here’s the video below:

Black★Rock Shooter (with English lyrics) – Hatsune Miku

And there’s a 3D version as well:

Black★Rock Shooter 3D PV (with English lyrics) – Hatsune Miku

This Black★Rock Shooter figurine will be released by Good Smile Company in August 2009, retailing for 9,800 Yen.

From the pictures it seems she’s really well made in terms of details, right down to the scar on her stomach area. The unique base makes it special and it appears as though the ground is cracking under the weight of her Rock Cannon. She definitely looks awesome in my opinion!

Also, the blue flames coming out from her left eye makes her looks even more cool and stunning. And there’s a normal verison of her eye in the picture below.

Overall this will be a must-get for me (although the price may seem a bit high…but I think the base could be part of the reason why it’s priced that way), with the reservations already open at Hobby Search now. But I will be waiting for the pre-orders at my local figurines/toy shops here to open instead of ordering online, since I don’t have a credit card and I prefer to go to a physical shop to get my figurines. ^ ^;;

EDIT as of March 17th: Just preordered it at an local toy shop here, now I can happily wait for the figurine to arrive instead. ^_^


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